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Veronica Douglas writes urban fantasy adventures featuring
daring heroines, dark magic, and exotic places.

NEW: Wolf God Series: Samantha & Cadean

Samantha is abducted by the dangerously sexy Dark Wolf God in this enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance series. Can she escape, or will she have to tame the savage beast?


Wolf Bound Series 1-4: Savannah & Jaxson

A small-town girl with a secret past is pitted against a lethally handsome werewolf alpha in this enemies-to-lovers, urban fantasy adventure series.

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Wicked Wish Series 1-4: Neve & Damian

To save her friend from an evil genie, Neve must make a deal with a sexy fallen angel in this urban fantasy adventure. Will they be able to Magic Side from the forces of evil, or will their secrets tear them apart?

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Samantha & Cadean


Wolf God

(Savage Gods: Wolf God, Book 1 of 3)


I wounded the Dark Wolf God. His retaliation was quick and brutal. 

The savage beast tore me from my life and imprisoned me in his kingdom. He’s convinced I have magic that will free him from a curse. But he’s wrong. I’m just a wolf shifter, right?

Now I’m caught in the middle of a centuries-long war. I don’t know who to trust—the scheming fae queen who could give me my freedom, or the dangerously sexy god who is everything I despise and more.  

The heat between us is undeniable, and underneath the Wolf God’s ruthless exterior is something I never expected—a protector who I might be falling for.


Unless I find a way to help him, I’ll be trapped in his realm forever.

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Savannah & Jaxson

Wolf Marked

(Magic Side: Wolf Bound, Book 1 of 4)


Werewolves are hunting me.

I was just an ordinary girl waiting tables in a small-town bar. I had no idea magic was real. That was, until I backed my car over a werewolf a couple times.

In my defense, the wolf was trying to murder me, and I was all out of mace.

Now I’ve got a cult of rogue wolves on my heels, and the only one who can protect me is Jaxson Laurent—the Alpha of the Chicago pack.

He suspects I’m special and can’t take his eyes off me, but the problem is—he’s the sworn enemy of my family. Every time we get close it feels like something is going to rip out of my soul, but the heat between us is irresistible.

With danger around every corner and wolves howling in the night, I need to master my magic and stand my ground, or I’ll be dead before the next moon rises.

Untamed Fate

(Magic Side: Wolf Bound, Book 2 of 4)


Last week I was a waitress. Now I’m turning into a monster.

No one knows the truth, except the faceless man—a twisted sorcerer who’s hellbent on stealing my soul. He’s invaded my dreams, and now he’s trying to turn the pack against me.

With secrets and danger close on my heels, the only one who can help me tame my inner beast is Jaxson Laurent—the Chicago alpha. He could rule me with one look of his honey gold eyes, but I will never submit.

Do I dare trust him? Even though the heat between us is explosive, the hatred between our families runs deep. The last time we worked together I barely escaped with my life. And if it comes down to choosing me or his pack, I know who he’ll pick.

Time is ticking, and my life is hanging in the balance. Can I outmaneuver the sorcerer and make my fate my own?

Dark Lies

(Magic Side: Wolf Bound, Book 3 of 4)


My nightmare’s not over. It’s just beginning.

I killed the sorcerer that turned my life into a living hell, but instead of getting better, my world is falling apart. New threats lurk in every shadow, and I still don’t have the answers I need.

The cops want me to betray the pack, the pack wants me to betray my family, and servants of a dark god are hunting me for my blood. I’ve turned into one of the monsters I feared most, and I have no idea why. Worse, I can’t control the beast inside me.

I need to find a way to break this curse before my family discovers my secret—before my fated mate, Jaxson Laurent, claims me as his own. He’s as hot as sin, and I can barely restrain myself when he’s near, but I won’t let him rule me and I won’t let the fates determine my path.

When I finally unmask the dark lies that have haunted my life, will I be strong enough to face the truth?

Shadow Kissed

(Magic Side: Wolf Bound, Book 4 of 4)

I released the Dark Wolf God. Now he’s using me.

Last week, I defeated a monster hellbent on killing us all. I thought I was stopping a prophecy, but it turns out, the dark omens were about me all along.

Now I’m destined to steal the souls of the pack—my pack—and help the Dark God bring destruction down on the world. Jaxson Laurent, my fated mate, is determined to help me fight back, but what if he has to choose between me and his wolves?

The Dark God is beginning to take control of me, and unless I can heal the wound in my soul, I won’t be able to resist his call. Worse, if I can’t heal the centuries-long blood feud between my family and the pack, our city won’t be able to stand against his wrath.

Unfortunately, my only choice may be to betray them all and do the one thing Jaxson may never forgive me for. It seems my destiny is to destroy everything I love.

The fates have a wicked sense of humor. Good thing I’ve never been one who follows the rules.


Dragon's Gift: The Storm Series

Written with Linsey Hall

Are you prepared to be whisked away from Chicago’s hidden city into unimaginable worlds filled with danger, adventure, and magic? Dive into the mysteries of the Arabian Nights and prepare yourself for edge-of-your-seat adventure amongst amongst ancient ruins and fantastical worlds.

The Storm Series is an action-packed urban fantasy adventure and is set in the Dragon’s Gift World created by Linsey Hall. It features a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance that culminates with a HEA in book four. 

Neve & Damian

Wicked Wish - 600x900.jpg

Wicked Wish

(Dragon's Gift: The Storm, Book 1)

A Fallen Angel is blackmailing me.


I’ve always hidden what I am: a djinn. It doesn’t matter that I can’t grant wishes, I'll be hunted if anyone finds out.

I thought my secret was safe. Then Chicago’s most dangerous crime lord walked into my life. 


Damian Malek knows the truth, and he's forcing me to work for him in return for his silence. There’s no way I can say no. He practically runs this city, and his pockets are as deep as his underworld connections. He’s lethal, handsome, and untouchable—and if that wasn’t bad enough, a Fallen Angel.

The problem is: I’m a cop. If I get caught working for him, I’ll lose my job and wind up in prison. But if I refuse, Malek will reveal my secret to the world.

I’m ready to risk it all and turn him down, but when my best friend goes missing, I know he’s the only one with the power to get her back. 


With the clock ticking down, I’m going to have to make a devil’s bargain with a dark angel and pray that I’m not too late to save my friend—or myself.

Dark Storm 600x900.jpg

Dark Storm

(Dragon's Gift: The Storm, Book 2)


I’ve been betrayed.

I spent years hiding my magic from the world, but now I've got new powers I can’t control. Everyone around me is at risk, and if my secret is revealed, I’ll be hunted.

But I don’t have time to worry about the monster I might become.

Someone has stolen a dangerous artifact that could turn my world upside down. It could get me and my friends killed and bring destruction down on my city.

Is Damien Malek to blame?

He’s a fallen angel. Handsome and lethal. A thief and a liar. And he’s betrayed me before. The heat between us keeps pulling us together, but his lies always tear us apart.

If I want answers, I will have to risk everything. My job. My magic. My life.

There’s a riddle to solve. An ancient city to find. A deadly genie to defeat, and a dark storm rising in the burning sands.

Cursed Angel_600x900.jpg

Cursed Angel

(Dragon's Gift: The Storm, Book 2)


We’re almost out of time.

Magic Side is under attack and the prison has been cursed. If I can’t break the spell, my city will be overrun. The problem is, my magic is out of control, and I can’t fight this battle alone.

There’s only one person to turn to—Damian Malek.

But my strongest ally might also be my greatest threat. I’ve discovered what Damian is, and it’s far worse than just being a fallen angel. I don’t trust him, and it’s too dangerous to be around him. My very soul, and my magic, are at risk.

But I have no choice.

Only Damian knows the truth of what is really going on, and he’ll only share it with me. We’ve got to bargain with vampires and demons, battle mythical monsters, and expose the lost secrets of a ruined temple before time runs out.

Will he help me save the city I love, or is it a trap to take everything I hold dear?

Broken Skies - 600x900.jpg

Broken Skies

(Dragon's Gift: The Storm, Book 2)


I must risk everything.

I’ve become what I feared most, and a demon is hunting me for my power. He’s opened a portal to the underworld, and I’m the last piece in his puzzle. If he captures me, he’ll use my magic to desolate the world.

The only person who can help me is Damian Malek, a cursed angel. He’s sexy, powerful, and ruthless, and we can’t seem to stay apart. The only problem is—our attraction is fatal.

When the veil to the underworld breaks, we’ve got one shot to save our world. We’ll have to confront my past, find the secret of my magic, and broker a deal with the angels—a deal that could cost Damian everything.

Will it be enough, or will we both end up broken?

The Amazon bestselling series is now complete!

Wicked Wish - 600x900.jpg

I’m at the mercy of a fallen angel.

Dark Storm 600x900.jpg

I’ve been betrayed.

Cursed Angel_600x900.jpg

We’re almost
out of time.

Broken Skies - 600x900.jpg

I must risk everything.

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