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The Amazon bestselling series is now complete!


Werewolves are hunting me.

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I’m turning into a monster.

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My nightmare’s
not over.

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I've released the Dark Wolf God.

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Contemporary Fantasy Fiction

#1 Amazon New Release in Werewolves & Shifters Suspense 

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Magic Side: Wolf Bound

An action-packed urban fantasy, Wolf Marked features a kick-ass heroine, a dangerous hero, and a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance that culminates with a HEA in book four. 

Prepare to be drawn into a mysterious and magical city, full of demons, shifters, and sorcerers.

Wolf Marked

(Magic Side: Wolf Bound, Book 1 of 4)


Werewolves are hunting me.

I was just an ordinary girl waiting tables in a small-town bar. I had no idea magic was real. That was, until I backed my car over a werewolf a couple times.

In my defense, the wolf was trying to murder me, and I was all out of mace.

Now I’ve got a cult of rogue wolves on my heels, and the only one who can protect me is Jaxson Laurent—the Alpha of the Chicago pack.
 He suspects I’m special and can’t take his eyes off me, but the problem is—he’s the sworn enemy of my family. Every time we get close it feels like something is going to rip out of my soul, but the heat between us is irresistible.

With danger around every corner and wolves howling in the night, I need to master my magic and stand my ground, or I’ll be dead before the next moon rises.

Untamed Fate

(Magic Side: Wolf Bound, Book 2 of 4)

Last week I was a waitress. Now I’m turning into a monster.

No one knows the truth, except the faceless man—a twisted sorcerer who’s hellbent on stealing my soul. He’s invaded my dreams, and now he’s trying to turn the pack against me.

With secrets and danger close on my heels, the only one who can help me tame my inn
er beast is Jaxson Laurent—the Chicago alpha. He could rule me with one look of his honey gold eyes, but I will never submit.

Do I dare trust him? Even though the heat between us is explosive, the hatred between our families runs deep. The last time we worked together I barely escaped with my life. And if it comes down to choosing me or his pack, I know who he’ll pick.

Time is ticking, and my life is hanging in the balance. Can I outmaneuver the sorcerer and make my fate my own?

Dark Lies

(Magic Side: Wolf Bound, Book 3 of 4)

My nightmare’s not over. It’s just beginning.

I killed the sorcerer that turned my life into a living hell, but instead of getting better, my world is falling apart. New threats lurk in every shadow, and I still don’t have the answers I need.

The cops want me to betray the pack, the pack wants me to betray my family, and servants of a dark god are hunting me for my blood. I’ve turned into one of the monsters I feared most, and I have no idea why. Worse, I can’t control the beast inside me.

I need to find a way to break this curse before my family discovers my secret—before my fated mate, Jaxson Laurent, claims me as his own. He’s as hot as sin, and I can barely restrain myself when he’s near, but I won’t let him rule me and I won’t let the fates determine my path.

When I finally unmask the dark lies that have haunted my life, will I be strong enough to face the truth?

Shadow Kissed

(Magic Side: Wolf Bound, Book 4 of 4)

I released the Dark Wolf God. Now he’s using me.

Last week, I defeated a monster hellbent on killing us all. I thought I was stopping a prophecy, but it turns out, the dark omens were about me all along.

Now I’m destined to steal the souls of the pack—my pack—and help the Dark God bring destruction down on the world. Jaxson Laurent, my fated mate, is determined to help me fight back, but what if he has to choose between me and his wolves?

The Dark God is beginning to take control of me, and unless I can heal the wound in my soul, I won’t be able to resist his call. Worse, if I can’t heal the centuries-long blood feud between my family and the pack, our city won’t be able to stand against his wrath.

Unfortunately, my only choice may be to betray them all and do the one thing Jaxson may never forgive me for. It seems my destiny is to destroy everything I love.

The fates have a wicked sense of humor. Good thing I’ve never been one who follows the rules.

Also available as audiobooks

Narrated by Samantha Cook & Jeffrey Kafer

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Early Amazon Reviews of Wolf Marked


“...I am loving it. Absolutely loving it. The chemistry and tension between Savannah and Jaxon is off the charts and I am hopefully for a little more action on that front soon but the emotions guys that’s where the hit it out of the park. I felt all the things Savannah was feeling here...”

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